Katanga Province

Regal Resources’ flagship Kalongwe Project is situated some 60km south west of established mining centre, Kolwezi, in the Province of Katanga, at the western end of the Central African Copper Belt (CACB), where the majority of foreign mining investment in the DRC is concentrated.

The CACB is one of the most significant copper producing regions in the world, accounting for an estimated 8% of the global copper mining production.  The CACB is estimated to contain 50% of the copper known to exist in sediment hosted copper deposits.

The Katanga Belt (the extension of the CACB which runs through the DRC) is approximately 70km wide and 250km long between Lubumbashi and Kolwezi.  There are over 70 copper / cobalt deposits known within the CABC, including some of the highest grade copper deposits in the world, with some averaging grades in excess of 5% copper.  Much of the CABC is yet to be explored utilising modern technology, so there is huge potential for further discoveries.

Mineralisation at Kalongwe was first noted in 1902, when secondary copper mineralisation was observed in outcrop.  However, very little exploration was undertaken until 2005 when the project was acquired by a subsidiary of Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. It was during this time that Ivanhoe commenced delineating the substantial Kamoa Copper Deposit, located 15km north of Kalongwe.

Kamoa is currently rated as Africa’s largest high grade copper discovery and the world’s largest undeveloped high grade copper discovery with the Indicated Mineral Resource of 739 Mt @ 2.67% copper for a contained 43.4 billion pounds copper.