Sustainable Development

Nzuri Copper is firmly committed to creating an operation that adheres to global best practices in the areas of corporate and social responsibility.

As such, the Company has designed a social program that promotes good relationships with the local communities now, as exploration is carried out, and sustainable development through the entire life of its projects in the DRC.

The Company is in the process of setting up the “Nzuri Foundation” to deliver this program.

To date, the Company has developed strong community relations in the local area of Kitindi with the successful establishment of the Community Forum, which provides a voice for the local community in their dealings with Nzuri Copper.

Through the Community Forum, four areas of key development have been identified:

  • Improved healthcare
  • Education and skills
  • Development of agriculture
  • Access to the outside world both physical (through transportation) and through telecommunications

Upon the establishment of the Nzuri Foundation, a differentiation will be outlined between the Company’s operational activities (including road development that is funded through the Company’s activities to benefit the mine development) and community development, which will be funded through the Nzuri Foundation.

Through ongoing liaison with the Community Forum the Nzuri Foundation will look to establish a series of projects to assist the local community and maintain community confidence in the Company and its activities. These projects will include, but are not limited to:

  • Installation of further water pumps (Nzuri has installed two to date)
  • New bridge construction
  • Discussions with Government on installation of telecommunications systems